Johan Eriksson

Johan sings, plays some guitar and writes most of the songs in the band. It's all pretty dark. But melancholy is the deepest color, so why paint happy?


Maybe you will find something meaningful in the music. 

Oskar Bråne

Oskar has played the guitar forever. The feeling of sound is very important to Oskar.
If it can be touched it's worth playing. With your hands and your heart. Oscar also paints. The art that you see on the site is all his work. If you like it you can buy it!

Black wings of dead angels
Falling slowly to the ground
Wade with me to Hades
Shadows homeward bound

Grass Shadows

Grass Shadows hail from Gothenburg, Sweden and have been making music since 2015. Their sound is influenced by The National, Matt Berninger, Johnny Cash, The Smiths, Morrissey and the music could be described as dark lo-fi indie pop. Grass Shadows are produced by  fbp-music.

We cried, forehead to forehead
The eyes never sleep 

Grass Shadows - where sad dads come to die.